“Scarred by Storms”

I love peoples stories, every one of us has a unique experience of where we have got to in life, a rich tapestry of wisdom, joy and pain. But there are things that are true of every story, there is hope, there is life and there are also those unexpected hurricanes that stop us in our path. It is this rich kaleidoscope of experiences that make us who we are. For me, it is no different.

I’m currently walking in the midst of one of the most amazing seasons of my life, I feel more alive than I have ever done. Yet I have also walked, stumbled and crawled through the two most painful years of my life, barely breathing and never believing I could get back to the joy of life I had experienced before. As I have journeyed through the hills and valleys of life I have crafted and created some songs that speak into those moments and have, at times, got me through some of most difficult moments of my life. Throughout every season I have seen God at work in both me and the lives around me.

My hope is to share some of these songs and reflections I have had throughout the various seasons I have encountered, that they might speak into someone else’s life. Whether that be through the deepest and darkest moments of life or the mountain top experience. My hope too is that they might bring you closer to God, whatever season you are in.








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